Local hosting

OnCall Enterprise customers may opt to host the Amion server display in-house. Local hosting provides a complete copy of the Amion display on your server, and all schedule data is mirrored between your server and amion.com.

If your hospital loses access to the internet or our server becomes inaccessible for a period of time, staff could continue to access schedule information through your local server. Hosting the Amion display locally also gives you more control over updates. We update the amion.com server several times a week and having a mirror copy of the amion server running internally gives you a more stable working environment.

Local hosting adds $1000 a year to the Enterprise license and increases reliability accessing schedules. If any one server is unavailable for 5 or 10 minutes a year, the odds of both servers being down simultaneously would be extremely small.

You don't need a dedicated server for the Amion display. It's relatively small, needing only a few MB of disk space for the software, and a few more MB for several years of data. The software itself is efficient and would not place a major drain on whatever shared server hosts it.

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