Getting Started Guide (Provider)

1. Set up your Amion access

Anyone needing to view or edit Amion schedules will need to set up their individual Amion account. The setup takes less than 1-minute to complete. You'll need your Amion admin access code to get started.

2. Build & maintain your schedule

Attend Amion Academy to learn how to create a new schedule or take over an existing schedule. The two learning paths offered by Amion Academy cover the basics of getting your schedule posted online.

If you want to learn more scheduling options and automation, see section 3 below to access our feature-specific guides. Also, weekly we offer two live webinars you may attend as often as you'd like. The general overview goes over just the basics in getting started. The Q&A Office hours webinar is great to learn more of Amion's scheduling features and ask your scheduling questions.

  • Click here to reserve your spot for our Provider/Health Professional scheduling overview webinar held most Thursdays from 12p-1p ET via Zoom.
  • Click here to reserve your spot for our Provider/Health Professional scheduling open Q&A held most Tuesdays from 12p-1p ET via Zoom.

3. Popular features to try


Display Options:

Online Tools & Communication:

4. Rollout to end users

When you're ready to go-live with your Amion schedule:

  • Send the End User Guide to your staff and other groups needing to view your schedule. (Copy the guide's URL and paste in your email).
  • Include them with your Amion viewing access code.

If you have any questions or require additional support, please reach out to Please reference your Amion Admin password.

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