What is Two-Factor (2FA) Authentication?

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account and ensures you’re the only person who can access it. We highly recommend that you turn on your two-factor authentication feature which you can do so by following the instructions below:

  • Log into your profile and go to Settings  
  • Under 'Security' click on 'Manage', located to the right of Security Center
  • Next, click on 'Manage', located to the right of 'User Two-Factor Authentication'


  • You will then be asked to 'Enable'  your Two-Factor Authentication 


Once your Two-Factor Authentication is set, you will be asked to enter a special code each time you log into your profile.

After you enter your email address and password, you’ll receive a screen that will prompt you to enter a special code.


You will then receive a text notification on your mobile device that will prompt you to enter the code sent to your phone. 

To ensure its security, each code is single-use and expires after a short period of time.

In case you lose or misplace your mobile device, not to worry! You will be given a list of special single-use codes that you can use in case this were to ever happen. Make sure to print these codes and keep them in a safe place.

If you have lost your backup codes, please contact us at support@doximity.com.



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