Convert to New Academic Year (Resident)

Video tutorial

Watch this Amion Academy module for an overview and to learn how to convert to the new year. 


To begin the next academic year's schedule:

  1. Access OnCloud or update the OnCall application if you're using the downloadable version. Go to Help / Update OnCall, or download from
  2. Convert current academic year schedule to next year. Go to File / Convert to which will display the next academic years such as 2020-2021. The conversion creates a template for the next year. It does not overwrite or affect your current year's schedule. The conversion saves you from having to re-enter all your staff, rotations, clinics, contact info, and other settings that remain the same each year.
  3. Graduate, promote, and add new staff.
    1. Put the block schedule for your graduating PGY3 class on screen. Make sure you have just the one class displayed; names down the left should be in black font. If names are in color, go to the View and turn OFF the All staff option.

      If you have an off-cycle resident who will still be under the same staff type for the first part of next year, click on the person's name, then go to Edit / Move to. Move the person down one year.

      Next, click on any resident name on the left side of block schedule. Go to Edit / Remove. In the Remove window, click Remove all PGY-3 staff. Repeat for other staff types you have that you need to clear all staff within the staff type.

    2. When you're done removing all the graduates, bring up the block page that has residents who will be the new seniors. Go to Edit / Move all to and move everyone to the senior PGY3 page. You'll receive a prompt if you want to clear their block assignments. Click yes if you'll be entering in new block schedules for the selected staff type. Continue moving residents up by one year until you end up with a blank intern page.

    3. To add new interns, go to File / General Setup / Staff. Filter for your intern staff type from the dropdown menu. Enter in all new intern names.

      This is a good time to review / edit your list of Services and Clinics listed in those General Setup tabs. Then close the General Setup window.

  4. Adjust block dates, click here. View a video tutorial here.

  5. Sort names. To alphabetize the residents names, click on Options in your Menu toolbar, and select Sort Rows. To customize the residents order, click and drag any name to another position in the list.

  6. Clinic schedule. When you convert a schedule from one year to the next, OnCall keeps people's clinic templates and rules and removes all other clinics. If you want to clear some clinic schedules:

    • Go to the Clinic page. Click on a resident name on left side of schedule. In the Infobox window, select Clinics.

    • In the Add Clinics window, clear all the checkboxes at the top, select All year in the middle, and turn on Clear year of existing clinics. In the lower-right, click on the top dropdown selector and select no clinic. Then in bottom dropdown selector, select if you want to clear the highlighted person, all in the staff type group, or all staff in your schedule. Click Clear & apply to clear the clinic assignments.

    • Refer to our Clinic support guide.
  7. Call and Shift schedules. OnCall keeps your call/shift services, set up, and rules so you don't need to re-set up your call/shift schedules. The conversion also copies the tail end of the current year's call schedule to the beginning of the next year. If your June call schedule is complete when you convert, OnCall will be able to flag call from the end of the previous year's last rotation to help ensure you don't put people on call too close together at the beginning of the new year.

  8. Save schedule and toggle between current and new year schedules. Once you have converted your schedule for the new year, publish the schedule to Amion as your save. This way, the new schedule can be opened from multiple workstations and backups stored.

Go to File / Publish to Amion. On the publish window, click the green lock icon to HIDE the schedule at Then click Save to Amion.

Leave the schedule locked until you are ready to go live with the new academic year schedule. As an Admin, you'll be able to view the locked schedule from your Amion Administrator page online, but staff will not be able to view it.

You now have two schedule files, the current academic year and the next academic year. Toggle between the two schedules by going to File / Open / Open from Amion.A window appears with your two schedules by academic year. Select the one you want to open.


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