Advance to New Calendar Year (Provider)

When ready to enter the next calendar year schedule:

    1. Update your OnCall desktop app. Refer to our Update OnCall help page for instructions.
    2. Make sure your schedule is in monthly view and you have a target icon in between the blue left and right arrows in the upper-left corner, below the toolbar .
      • If you are not in monthly view, click on the Sigma icon with an arrow going through it in the toolbar. Select Month.
      • If you have monthly dates, but do not have a target icon, click on the little black arrows in the middle of the larger blue arrows .
    3. Click the right blue arrow to move into January of the new year. OnCall will first verify if you have selected to renew your license for the new year.

      If you have already selected to renew, you'll receive a window asking if you would like to Advance into the new year. Click the Advance button.

      If you have not selected to renew your license, you'll receive a window asking you to renew your license. Click the Renew my license button. Your Amion License & Renewal page will open.

      Update the contact information if needed. Select your Pay By method. Fill in the required billing information. Then click Done-check out to complete the renewal.

      Return back to your OnCall and try moving forward again into the new year. This time, select the Advance button in the window.

    4. You may be asked to clean up some services or staff names in your schedule that haven't had assignments in several years. The advancement will still take place if you choose to leave everyone on the list.


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