Setup Block/Rotation Schedules (Resident)

Enter the rotation or master schedule for the academic year for your residents in the Block schedule,. Also in the Block schedule, set the rotation details, block dates, contact information, and special requests.

Menu and Icon Toolbars

Menu and Icon toolbars appear along the top of the screen.

    1. The Menu toolbar is similar to what you see in programs such as Word or Excel, (e.g. File, Edit, View..).
    2. Use the Icon toolbar to navigate to the schedule pages and access the main tools you will use frequently.
      • An icon in use will appear highlighted with a light grey box around it.
      • Hover over the icons to read tooltips of what they do. Right-click on an icon for possible additional options.

Adjust Display

    1. To re-size the schedule table, place your cursor over the thick, gold horizontal and vertical bars that appear in the top left corner of the schedule table and drag them with your mouse.
    2. To change your block view period, click on View in the Menu toolbar, and select applicable block width. i.e., day, weekly, biweekly, or custom.
    3. To alphabetize the residents' names, click on Options in your Menu toolbar, and select Sort Rows. To customize the residents' order, click and drag any name to another position in the list.
    4. To turn OFF viewing all residents, click on View in the Menu toolbar, and unselect View all staff. Your schedule will now display the staff type block schedule for the staff type page selected. Staff appear in a black font when viewing one staff type at a time. Click on the other staff type icons in the toolbar to view each block schedule.

Note: Right-click on the block staff type icons for additional options. Click and drag the icons to change the order of appearance.

Set Block Dates

Set your block dates for each staff type.

Assigning Services

  1. Assign services to your master block schedules.
    • Place the cursor in the blank cell for the first resident in block 1.
    • The Infobox...Selection list displays your list of services to select.
    • Click on the service name in the Infobox. The service appears in the selected resident's block 1 cell.

Note: The yellow highlighter can automatically move right or down after an entry. To enable, go to Options in the Menu toolbar. Select Move right (or down) after filling the empty cell.

2. If a resident has a split rotation:

    • Place the cursor in the empty cell where you want to enter a split rotation.
    • Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard. At the same time click on the 1st half service, then 2nd half service in the Infobox...Selection list. Release the CTRL key.
    • The split rotations appear in red text separated by a vertical bar. The 2nd half of the split begins on the Split Date set up for the block. In the sample below, resident Adams is on Cards from 7/1 through 7/13 and then on Endo from 7/15 through 7/27.

3. If your block schedules follow a 4+1 type model, read more about block templates.

Additional Setup

  1. Add Special requests.
  2. Enter Resident contact information and enable messaging/paging.
  3. Set up Cross-coverage for call/shift schedules.

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