Resident Block Dates

Set the block dates in which residents rotate from one rotation to the next. By default, the schedule displays monthly dates beginning July 1st and ending June 30th. If your residents do not rotate on a monthly basis, you will need to set the block dates.

Set block dates:

  1. When setting block dates, it needs to be done by viewing one staff-type group at a time. If the names down the left appear in colored font, the "View all staff" is ON. To turn it OFF, click the "View all staff" icon All Staff icon.PNG in the icon toolbar. When the "View all staff" is OFF, the names down the left side appear in black font
  2. Place the cursor in the 1st block date cell above the schedule. Locate the Infobox window. It will display details about the block 1 date and this schedule's block dates for the year. 

  3. Set the # of "custom blocks" (columns) the schedule has for the year. For example, if your PGY1s have 4-week blocks, adjust the # of blocks from 12 to 13. If your PGY1s have 1-week blocks, set the # of blocks to 52. Make sure, the view type is set to "custom blocks."
  4. Set the start date of block 1. This date is the start of your academic year, not the first day of the rotation. (e.g. The year begins Saturday, 7/1, but the first day of the rotation is Monday, 7/3. Set the start date to Saturday, 7/1).
  5. Set the end date of block 1. This date is the last day of the block before the resident switches to the next block's rotation. If your block switch day is Monday, then the end date will be Sunday. Once block 1's end date is set, block 2 date through the end of the year will automatically adjust. The block switch day appears in blue font above the block dates. 
  6. Set the split date of block 1. If your residents sometimes have a split rotation where half of the block is spent in one rotation and the other half in another rotation, define the split date of the second half rotation begins. Split dates will appear in parentheses below the block dates.
  7. Click through each block date to make sure the dates are correct through the end of the academic year.
  8. Repeat steps for each staff-type block schedule. If staff types have the same block dates, save time by copying/pasting block dates to the other:
    • Right-click on any block date.
    • From the menu, select Copy Block Dates.
    • Go to the staff type block schedule you’d like to apply the dates to. Right-click on any block date cell and select Paste Block Dates.

Block date views

  1. Right-click on any block date cell to access a menu of view options for both block dates and the block schedule.
  2. The top portion of the menu provides block date display options such as showing block #s, block dates, block months, and split dates. Any option selected is set to all block schedules.
  3. The bottom portion of the menu provides block schedule views that temporarily break the schedule into subviews such as daily detail, 1-week, 2-week, or 4-week.
    • These subviews allow you to edit rotation assignments when it doesn't apply to your custom block date or split date. (e.g. your block 1 is 4 weeks; 28 days. A resident has a different rotation for each week).
    • When finished, switch the view back to custom blocks.
    • Note: You cannot set block dates in a temporary subview.


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