Add and remove holidays

The Amion scheduler comes pre-loaded with 11 standard holidays. To add or remove holidays, Go to the Window menu and choose Holidays.

Add a new holiday by clicking the green "+" icon in the upper left of the Holidays window. Use the left and right-pointing arrows to adjust when the holiday begins and the up and down arrows to adjust how long the holiday runs.

Remove a holiday by selecting a date so that it has a blue dot to the left. Click the red "x" icon in the upper left.

Choose to highlight a day on your schedule but not include it in your tallies as a holiday. Select the day or group of days in the Holidays window, and click the Sigma icon within the window. The text of the highlighted day will change from orange to gray, indicating that it will not be tallied as a holiday.

Add or edit holidays on the fly by right-clicking on a date in your schedule. Right-click on a normal day for the option to add it as a holiday and right-click on a holiday for the option to include it as a holiday in tallies.

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