Staff requirements

For residency schedules, set up staff requirements to identify when you are short or over-staffed.

Use staff requirements in both the block and call schedules.To set up staffing requirements, click on a service name in the left-most column of the call-schedule table. In the Infobox, click the "Staff required" button. The "Norm" column is for cross checking the block schedule to ensure you have the right number of people assigned each block. The middle column ("Min") is what you need to populate to have OnCall check each morning and afternoon against your minimum requirements.

If, for example, you need 1 PGY2 or PGY3, enter a 1 in the middle column for PGY2 and then click the "or" button off to the left of the box. Choose PGY3 from the popup menu. To run the check, go to the View menu and turn on "Staffing problems". To get a sense of how the feature works, make one of your requirements high enough to ensure that you'll have problems every day. You should see little red hash marks in the first call row for that service. Mouse over the hash marks for an explanation of why you're short-staffed.

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