Online special requests set up

Make managing your staff's work and time-off requests quick and easy. Let staff submit requests directly at Import requests from Amion to the scheduler. Build schedules according to approved work requests.

Set up requests

  1. In OnCall, check that you have email addresses entered for your staff. If not, learn to enter email addresses.
  2. Go to File in menu bar along the top and select Preferences / Amion Requests. Enable the options that you desire.

  3. Go to your online Amion Administrator page. To get there, go to File / Publish to Amion and click Admin. login.... Once on your Amion Administrator page, locate the email section. Click on the drop-down box and select Work preference forms. Select the month you want your staff to begin submitting requests for. Enter a note message for additional instructions, such as a due date. Click Email to send.

The email sent to your staff has your note and a link to their requests calendar at Each person once on their Work Preference calendar page may add, review and modify their work and time off requests. They may also set a personal password at the bottom of the calendar to get back to their requests calendar via the smiley face icon, rather than using the email link.

 To set a staff type to submit requests by day only, not by shift

  1. Open the schedule in OnCall. Go to the work preferences page, third icon from the top left in the toolbar. Display the preferences in table view so that you can see everyone listed down the left.

  2. Right click on a name. Then select the second to last button in the popup menu that says At Amion, APP staff submit requests by day only, not by shift.

  3. The blue triangle in the upper left corner indicates the staff can submit requests by day only, not by shift.

Use requests

  1. Retrieve - To retrieve submitted requests, open your OnCall schedule. Click on the Work Preference  icon on the main toolbar. Then click the smiley face with sunglasses icon to import NEW requests.
    • In addition, right-click on the smiley face icon to enable additional options such as automatic importing, flagging new requests, importing all requests for the entire year, and toggling between calendar and table views. New requests appear flagged with a small, green triangle in the upper right corner.
    • ALTERNATIVELY - you may retrieve requests from your online Amion Administrator page. Go to File / Publish to Amion and clickAdmin. login... Click the link Get staff requests…. Review the instructions for copying and pasting requests into OnCall. The page also includes a link to view requests for first-come-first-served prioritizing.
  2. Review - Review the requests in OnCall on the Work Preference page. By default, you view one person’s requests at a time in calendar format. Use the infobox to change staff calendars. To get an overview of all staff's requests at once, hold the CTRL key and click on the Work Preference icon. Select table format.
    • Requests appear as the following:
      • An unavailable red X = The person is unavailable to work the entire day.
      • ✔ A green check with numbers = The number reflects the number of shifts the person can work that day. To review the specific shift the person cannot work, click on the drop-down box on the main toolbar. Select the option Select by shift.
      • A yellow diamond hollow note icon = Hover over the note icon to read the message.
  3. Approve/Deny- To deny requests, double-click on the red to remove it from the cell. To approve requests, click the drop-down box on the main toolbar. Select Vac , then double-click on the red . The Vac replaces the red in the cell.
    • Right-click on a time off request or note in a cell to view more options. OnCall does not automatically notify staff of their approved or denied requests.
    • You may customize the time off options in the drop-down box on the main toolbar. Go to File / General Setup / Services. Enter the time off service name. Uncheck off schedule box and click the Add button. The time off service appears below in green text.
  4. Build - When building your schedule, your Infobox provides several staffing list options. Select the green check  ✔ in the Infobox toolbar to view only available staff. (Note: the Autoscheduler pulls from this list only). Select the multiple horizontal line  icon to view all staff. Unavailable staff appear in the list but have a red next to their name. Hover over the red to learn the reason of their unavailability.
    • Schedules built prior to entering work preferences remain the same in the calendar. However, a red appears next to staff members who requested that day off in the schedule.

To enable the time-slot proxy feature, go to File / Preferences and select "Amion Requests" on the left. Turn on the checkbox that says "If someone requests not to work a specific shift, make all shifts in that time slot unavailable".

Go to the schedule and right-click on a shift name. Turn off "Staff can ask to be unavailable for XXX", where XXX is the name of the shift you selected. Hold the Ctrl key down when you select "Staff can ask..." and it'll flip every shift to the new setting.

Let people choose only the shifts you want to use as proxies. Save to Amion and then take a look at someone's request calendar. Select "by shift" in the drop-down above the calendar and you should see only the services they can work.

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