Shift changes mid-year

Begin/Stop Staffing Shifts

End a shift that's no longer used

Stop staffing a shift mid-year by right-clicking on an empty cell of the row where an assignment would go.You must ensure there are no assignments beyond that date. Choose 'stop staffing shift' to remove that row from the future. The row will become grayed out and after two months, the row will drop off the schedule, but the old/historical data for that row will still exist in the past.

Begin a newly added shift

On the date the shift begins, right click on an empty cell of the row where an assignment would go. Then choose 'begin staffing shift'. The row will become grayed out in OnCall prior to that date and it will not be displayed until the date it's set to begin on the web.

Changing Shift Times

Change shift times from a certain point onward

Open OnCall. Right-click on an assignment and select Shift Times.

The shift-times toolbox has a solid down-pointing black arrow that sets new default hours for the service. First customize the start/end times on the day the time changes.See Help Index for more details on custom hours. Then click the down-pointing black arrow to make the new times the default from that day forward.

A small gray triangle in the upper-left of a cell denotes default hours that differ from the times a shift is currently set to span. The gray triangles display for a few weeks before the times change. If you move your schedule ahead and change the default hours a 2nd time, the day the hours change from one old time to the next will have a white tab in the upper left.

Change shift names based on changing times

When you change the default hours on a shift and the hours are in the name, Amion and OnCall will insert the new hours into the shift name.

For example, the shift name can be "7p - 7a", "7:00p - 7:00a" and other variations. When you move from month to month, the shift name should update to show the current hours.

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