Alter Ego

The Alter Ego box in OnCall allows you to link two instances of a staff member together into a single personal schedule at, and now to instances of the same provider in other schedules.

Watch how to link to an alter ego in a totally different Amion schedule: 

  1. Resident schedules:, open your block schedule and click a name at left.

    Attending schedules:, select the person's name appearing in the schedule or go to their Work Preference page.

  2. Select the Window/Alter Ego.
  3. In the Alter-Ego box, choose the 'alter ego' name to link two identities on the same schedule.


For staff that exist in multiple schedules, click Link to another schedule. Enter the staff password for the other group, and select the name you'd like to link to.

Alter-Ego (1).png

Republish the schedule and the two identities will be linked together in a single personal schedule at

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