Remove ALL assignments from a new year. See video guide below:

Clinic Grids ensure that teams are not compromised by losing too many staff members to a clinic.

  1. In the Clinic schedule, go to Reports; Service Staffing report.
  2. In the View menu, turn on Clinic days.
  3. Choose View; All Staff so that all the residents appear.

The cell colors in the small grid next to each name represent clinic conflicts:

  • No clinic conflicts: solid blue.
  • Two people with a conflict: some red.
  • More than two people with a conflict: solid red.

If clinics vary by week, you can see a more detailed view by right-clicking on a date along the top to view by week.


To display Continuity Clinics on Block Schedule in OnCall and Amion

Go to File in the menu bar along the top and select Preferences/Block Schedule. Enable the option to Show clinic days to right of table. If you'd like the name of the clinic to be listed in addition to the day select Include clinic name.


To display continuity clinic assignments or block assignments next to staff names on the clinic schedule in OnCall

Left click on a staff name along the left-hand side. Then right click on the staff name and select Show Continuity Clinic and/or Show Block Assignments. The clinic name and day will then display to the right of the staff name. Block assignment display will be dependent upon the date you have selected.

Continuity Clinic Assignments

Clinics (1).png

Block Assignments

Clinics (2).png

Continuity Clinic and Block Assignments

Viewing Options

View by Session

The default clinic page view is all sessions listed on subset page 1 in the Calendar format. In the toolbar, use the first drop-down menu to select AM, PM, or Eve sessions only.

View by Clinic or Clinic Group

Use the second drop down menu to select a specific clinic assignment or subset (clinic group). See Help Index for more details on subsets.

Clinics (4).png

View by Staff

Use the third drop down menu to Highlight specific staff.

View by Staff Type or Staff Group

Click on the Staffing Report icon to turn it off. Then use the first drop-down menu to view by staff type or custom staff group.

Clinics (5).png


Tracking/Viewing Canceled Clinics

Tracking Canceled Clinics grays assignments out indicating they have been canceled.

Go to File in the menu bar along the top and select Preferences/Clinic Scheduling. Enable the option to Track Cancelled Clinics. Hide Cancelled Clinics will hide them from Amion so it is not visible on the web.

Click the delete key on your keyboard once to cancel, and the assignment will become gray with strikethrough text.

Clinics (7).png

Click the delete key twice to clear it. To reinstate an assignment, right click on the cell and select reinstate clinic.

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