Daily Staffing Level Rule

Track the number of staff scheduled per day (or at a certain time of day) by creating daily staffing level rules.

Create a Daily Staffing Level Rule

  1. In OnCall's menu bar go to Window / Rule Writer.
  2. The Rule Writer toolbox has three drop downs. In the top dropdown, select Daily Staffing Level rule.
  3. In the middle drop down, rename the rule to a more meaningful name that defines the rule. Click on the current name and type over with the new name. When finished, click ENTER. Naming rules are particularly helpful when you have more than one rule for your schedule.
  4. In the bottom dropdown, select the call/shift condition and then select the shifts that make up a group for which you need to monitor staffing levels for the day. If you need to track certain staff types on the selected shifts, add the staff type condition to the rule first, then add the call/shift condition.
  5. When finished building the rule, click the Apply to icon, => to apply the rule to the same shifts.

How to use:

The daily staffing level rule only appears when viewing your schedule in table format. If using calendar format, click the black table icon (located on the far left of the toolbar at the top of your screen). Next, click on an assignment cell for one of the shifts in your rule. Along the top in aqua-blue color, appear tallies for the staffing level per day.

For example, the pic below is a daily staffing level rule for MDs (red font) scheduled per day on Pembroke Call and VA Call.


Create a Time of Day - Daily Staffing Level Rule

If you need to monitor staffing at particular times throughout the day, add the Time of day condition to your rule following the call/shift condition. Then, click on the blue up and down arrows to set the desired staffing level target.

If you need different numbers of staff at certain times of the day, click the plus + icon to add another time of day condition with a set target level.Note: you can only set up to four time of day conditions in the rule and it cannot vary by day-of-week.

How to use:

Daily staffing levels appear at the top of each day. They are color-coded based on whether you're under-staffed (light yellow), over-staffed (light red), or right on target (light green). You'll also get color-coded flags inside the schedule itself to note which shifts need to be filled. Yellow tags appear only in empty cells that are understaffed. Red tags in shifts that are over-populated. Hover the mouse over a colored tag to see what time slot it represents and how far you are from the target goal.

For example, the screen shot below is a time of day daily staffing level rule where the target is two staff per day and night.

Daily-Staffing-Level-Rule (1).png


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