Remote/telehealth work shifts

Amion lets you tag and tally remote work separate from shifts worked on site.

WATCH video tutorial below.

To differentiate a single shift, right-click on an assignment and choose Remote/telehealth. A house icon to the left of the staff name flags the shift:

To designate an entire service row as Remote/telehealth, right-click on the service name to the left and select All '[your shift name]' shifts are remote/telehealth.

To assign a block of shifts to Remote/telehealth, go to Table view and left-click on the first assignment cell in the block and hold the shift key on your keyboard as you click the last assignment cell in the group. All selected cells in the range will appear highlighted in white. Right-click anywhere in the range to select Remote/telehealth.

If the house icon isn't obvious enough, right-click on the assignment cell once more to select Highlight Remote/telehealth.

In tallies

Remote/telehealth assignments can be tallied separately from on-site shifts. When tallying assignments, use the infobox to dictate what assignments are being reported by checking 'On site', 'Telehealth' or both:


Online, Remote/telehealth assignments are noted with a 'phone' icon:

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