Extra Pay

Track extra pay for your moonlighters or staff for certain shifts. Highlight the extra pay shifts so they stand out and are easy to find in OnCall. Tally extra pay shifts separately from regular pay.

Learn how to set up a payroll feed below. 

Track extra pay for moonlighters

  1. On the schedule page, right-click on a moonlighting assignment cell. In the pop-up menu, select Extra pay / moonlight. On the far left border of the assignment cell, you'll see a green upper-case letter E.                                                                                                                    

    If the green E icon isn't prominent enough, you can give moonlighting shifts a light green shading. Right-click on the assignment cell with the green E and and in the pop-up menu, select  Highlight extra pay / moonlighting.

  2. To add extra pay for a block of assignments, click in the first assignment cell in the block. Hold down the SHIFT key and click the last assignment cell in the block to define the range of shifts. All the selected cells in the range appear white. Right-click inside the block set of cells and select Extra pay / moonlight.
  3. To designate every shift for a particular service as extra pay, right-click on the service name on the left-hand side of the schedule grid. In the pop-up menu, select All 'xxx' shifts are extra pay / moonlighting. The 'xxx' represents your service name.
  4. To remove extra pay, right-click on the assignment cell with the green E icon and in the pop-up menu, unselect Extra pay / moonlight.

Convert your sticky-notes to extra pay notes

If you've been using sticky notes to track extra pay, you can convert the sticky notes over to Extra Pay.

Right-click on a moonlighting assignment cell that has a moonlight shift sticky note. Hold the CTRL key and select Extra pay / moonlight. A prompt asks if you want to set all shifts with the same note to moonlighting. Click Yes. Then in the following prompt, click Yes again to delete all the moonlighting notes.

Extra pay tallies

To tally regular and extra pay shifts together or separately in OnCall go to the Statistics,page. In the Call tallies Infobox, you'll see two check boxes in the upper right of the Infobox for Reg pay and Xtra pay. To count extra pay shifts only, uncheck Reg pay. To view only contracted work, turn off Xtra pay. Refer to the following article for additional Tally Report details.


Viewing extra pay shifts at Amion.com

At Amion.com, extra pay shifts appear with a green $ next to a person's name on the daily Who's on page, monthly schedule, personal schedules and shift-trading calendars

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