Split Shift

Use the Split Shift feature when one provider begins a shift, and another takes over and finishes.

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(See below for Split shift options.)


  1. Click within an empty cell to assign the first person to the service.
  2. Right-click in cell and select Split shift .... Or, click on the Split shift icon, in toolbar above to open the Split shift window.

    Note: If the Split shift window is inactive, it means the shift has 2 or more call slots, condensed to appear as 1 call slot on the schedule. To activate the Split shift window, click on the shift name on the left-hand side of schedule grid. In the Infobox window, uncheck the "Condense to 1 call slot" box in lower-right corner.

  3. In the Split shift window, click on the "No Split" drop-down selector and select the name of the person who will take over the shift.

  4. Adjust the take-over time when the split will occur. The time noted at the bottom of the window is the duration of the entire shift, not the start/end time for each person.

  5. On the schedule, the shift appears split with the two staffs' abbreviations listed and the Split shift icon in between. Hover over the icon to see the split details.

Split shift options

On the right-hand side of the Split Shift window:

  1. Click the multi-line icon Split Shift Staff List icon 2.PNG along the top right of the window, if anyone can take the split shift, not just the available staff.
  2. Click the blue arrow circle icon , to flip the order of first and second person in shift.
  3. Click the red X icon to remove the split. Or, right-click on the split shift assignment on the schedule and select, "Remove split" from the menu options.
  4. Click the double Split shift icon , to create a Three-way split. To set up a three-way split:
    • In the drop-down selector, select the second person taking over the middle part of the shift.
    • Set the take-over time of when that second person ends and the third person begins.
    • Click the Three-way split icon and then select the third person completing the shift.
    • If you need to edit a three-way split, click on the Three-way split icon to toggle between the first, second, and third sections of the split shift.
  5. You may split a shift on a day that has a custom shift time. The split shift will follow the custom shift times rather than the default shift times.

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