Sequence Rule

Create a Sequence rule when there is a maximum number of consecutive days a service can be staffed. The rule can be applied to all or select staff to follow.

Create a Sequence rule

  1. In OnCall's menu bar go to Window / Rule Writer.
  2. The Rule Writer toolbox has three dropdowns. In the top dropdown, select Sequence rule.
  3. In the middle dropdown, rename the rule to a more meaningful name that defines the rule. Click on the current name and type over with the new name. When finished, click ENTER. Naming rules is particularly helpful when you have more than one rule for your schedule.
  4. Start the sequence rule with a minus sign followed by a call/shift condition. In the bottom dropdown, select Call/Shift. Then choose the service(s) you need the rule for. Above, you'll see a red crescent moon icon with the number 2. The number 2 means that a person can only work the service a maximum of 2 consecutive days. To increase this number, use the up blue arrow beneath it.

    If you need to add another consecutive day rule, add a 2nd minus sign followed by the call/shift condition.

  5. When finished building the rule, click the Apply to icon, => to apply the rule to one or more staff.

In the Provider platform, staff that would violate the sequence rule, if used, do not appear in the Infobox's available staffing list. In the Resident platform, a resident that would violate the rule, if used, still appears in the Infobox's team summary list. However, three red dots appear in the cell next to resident's name to flag the rule violation.


Dr. B works no more than 4 days in a row. Those consecutive days should be all AM or PM shifts.

In the Rule Writer toolbox, start the sequence rule with a minus sign followed by a call/shift condition. Select all the AM shifts Dr. B covers. Then click the up blue arrow to increase number from 2 to 4. That will tell Amion that Dr. B can work up to 4 AM shifts in a row. Then add a 2nd minus sign followed by another call/shift condition that adds the same 4-day limit for the PM shifts.

That will get the software to flag sequences where Dr. B works more than 4 AM or PM shifts in a row. It will also make B unavailable to work AM or PM the day after doing 4 days in a row.

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