Schedule Notes

Amion's sticky note feature lets you post a note anywhere on a schedule. Use notes to include special instructions or to track reasons behind a switch.

Click on a cell where you want to post a note. Open the note pad by clicking the note icon on the main toolbar. Or right click on a cell and select Post a note. Notes are saved automatically as you type in the note pad.

The icon appears on the schedule wherever you have entered a note. Mouse over a note icon to read the note.

Notes can remain private or appear at Select the button to make a note private. Choose public   or private in the note pad before entering a note and subsequent notes will start with the setting you select.

You can post notes in one of four colors. Use the icon to choose a color. Notes people submit online with day-off requests use a fifth color, bright red .

Notes posted to a shift are filled: , , and . Notes posted to an individual's work-preference calendar appear as open rectangles: , , and .

Personal notes appear as little tabs    above a person's initials in the list of who's available for a shift on any day. Put the tip of the cursor over a tab to read the note.


Customizable Quick List

The December 16, 2016 version of the software allows a scheduler to define up to twenty customizable notes that can be added to a quick list. Start by customizing a note and then right-click and select 'add to list of quick notes.' To apply a pre-defined note to another person or date, right click on the date or the staff person's name in an assignment row, and then select the note you want to apply from the list. To remove a note that's been added to your quick list, right click on the note and select 'remove from list of quick notes.'


Additional Information

Personal sticky notes are available in the simpler, calendar-year style schedules only. For resident schedules, use the special-request feature.

If you'd like to print the notes at the foot of your schedule, you can turn on the option for printing post-it-note text below the schedule. Go to File / Preferences / Printing.

To search notes, go to the Edit menu and choose Find. With the schedule on screen, it will search notes attached to shifts and personal notes that appear because a person assigned to a shift has a personal note on the day he or she is working.

With the work-preferences page on screen, it will search only personal notes. If you have the work preferences in calendar format, it will search only that person's notes. In the table view, it will search everyone but only for the dates displayed.


For residency schedules, notes are used to create Meetings and Conferences. Refer to the following article for additional details.

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