Adjusting Tally Totals

Schedules often need some fine-tuning to make them fair and to meet workload targets. OnCall can make those adjustments for you.

On the tally page, click a number that's too high and drag to another row. The auto-scheduler finds the best shift to take from the first person and give to the second. You can give the shift to people highlighted in green.

All adjustments will be within the date range of the tally. A Tweak the Tallies box shows shifts that changed hands. Click a line in the box to jump to the schedule and view a change in context.

Adjustments follow staffing rules and patterns. Turn off Autofill Call in the Options menu to switch individual assignments without following patterns.

The tally tweaking tool went into OnCall in the first half of Nov. 2016. Go to the Help menu and choose About OnCall to see the date on your version. If prior to Nov. '16, update your software.

You cannot tweak tallies across columns. Crossing columns would represent a two-way trade; you can't take a night shift or a Tuesday assignment, for example, and drop it on a day shift or a different day of the week for the second person. We may add diagonal moves but for now, you can trade shifts with two same-column moves.

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