Target Rule

Specify the number of shifts/hours each person needs to work in more detail than a total number of shifts/hours. WATCH video tutorial below.

Create a Target rule

  1. In the Work Preference Infobox window, click the bulls-eye target icon. The Rule Writer toolbox opens to create a Target rule. Alternatively, go to Window in menu bar and select Rule Writer. In the TOP dropdown select Target rule.
  2. In the MIDDLE dropdown give the target rule a custom name such as the staff person's name. Otherwise, they'll be "Target rule 1", "Target rule 2", etc.
  3. In the BOTTOM dropdown, select the Call/Shift condition. Select one or more services/shifts below. A red crescent moon appears above. Use the up blue arrow beneath it to set the target number of shifts/hours for your time frame. Then click the + icon and add another call/shift condition with a target.
  4. When the rule is complete, click the Apply to => icon and select which staff use the rule. If the rule applies to everyone, click the red two column horizontal line icon in the upper left. If you add people later to your schedule, you'll need to return to the rule writer and apply the rule to them.

Targets by default are set by number of shifts worked. To switch targets to number of hours, click the View & Tally   icon in toolbar above.

The default target range is monthly or your custom schedule date range. To scale the targets to a different range, go to the File / Preferences / Call tallies, 2. Check the box Target workloads are based on..and set the number of days to scale to schedule. Click OK once finished to close the Preference window.


Dr. X has a home location at Site A, but is also responsible for cross coverage within a region consisting of Sites B, C and D. Dr. X works 20 shifts a month. 80% of his shifts should be scheduled at Site A and 20% of his shifts should be scheduled at Sites B, C and D.

In the Rule Writer toolbox, start the target rule by selecting the call/shift condition in bottom dropdown. Select site A shifts. Then click the up blue arrow to set Dr. X's Site A shifts to 80% (16 shifts). Then add a + sign followed by another call/shift condition for Site B, C, and D. Click the up blue arrow to set number of shifts to 20% (4 shifts). Click the => Apply to icon to apply the target rule to Dr. X.

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