Requests Online - Show All Requests

If you have doctors requesting days off online, and you want to avoid having too many doctors request the same days off, you can allow them to view all requests made for days off.

To turn on this option, open your schedule and go to File → Preferences and select Amion Requests. Turn on the option to "Show colleagues requests on work-preferences calendars."

Post your file to the web and take a look at your online request calendar. If any of your colleagues have requested days off, you'll see them listed.

Your staff can see how many people have requested off any given day of a month. If they look at the number of people listed in each day, they'll know even before they submit requests where they are in the day-off list.

Ideally, people won't ask for a day off if several others have already requested it. You as the scheduler can see a list of who asked for each day off and the order in which the requests went into the system.

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