Timesheet Report

Log in to any account as an admin and click the clock icon in the upper right. For enterprise accounts, use the group filter to limit the report to one or a few groups.

Enter an 'A' to report only groups or people whose names begin with an 'A'. Enter 'A B' to match names that begin with 'A' or 'B'. The list can be as long as you need.

Enter a minus sign before a filter string to remove something from the list. "a b -act" as a staff filter will give you everyone whose name begins with 'A' or 'B' but not names that begin with 'Act'.

Check Weights at top to add a Value column that takes into account any Tally Weights set in your schedule.

As an example, set the begin date to -3Sa which tells it to start 3 Saturdays back and run over 14 days. Turn on Cards to see what Amion would send each doc with the Email option.

Timesheet Video Guide 

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