Pager abuse

If someone is sending inappropriate text messages to a specific person or to an entire group via Amion's group-paging, there are two features that can limit access to only those that should have it.

Limit the staff types that can send group pages

Open your schedule in OnCall. Go to File/Preferences and select "Amion Paging, 2" on the left. Turn on the option "Limit who can send group pages" and click OK.

Close the Preferences window and right-click any page icon at the top left along the main toolbar. Choose "Let (staff type) staff send group pages". Do the same for the every group that should be able to send group pages.

With the block schedule on screen, click on a name in the leftmost column. In the lower-left of the Info-box, enter an email address for anyone who will need to send group pages. Email addresses go in the bottom of the three edit fields.

To send a group page, you'll need to enter a personal password. You'll see instructions on how to get a personal password emailed to you when you try sending a group page.

Require password to send pages

Go to File/Preferences/Amion Paging and turn on "Require password to send pages". Everyone in the schedule will need an email address in order to generate a personal password.

When you send a message with a personal password, Amion replaces the password with the person's name as the sender.

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