OnCloud lets you build and edit schedules with all the power of OnCall from any web browser. It's ideal when on a Mac or PC on which you can't install apps. To access OnCloud,

    1.  If needed, please whitelist amion.doximity.com and amion.com.
    2. Log in with your admin password.
    3. Clickin the upper right.

A few things to note:

  • If you are creating a new schedule file in OnCloud, you'll get an "invalid administrator password" message when you first try to get in. OnCloud is designed to always open schedules from Amion, not local files, and new schedules are not in Amion yet. When you see the "invalid administrator password" message, click "OK" and then a "Welcome to Amion" window appears. Select the "Create a new schedule" option.
  • OnCloud runs the latest version of OnCall. No need to update the application.
  • If left OnCloud sits idle for 10 minutes, it will save and log you out.
  • OnCloud sessions take about 10 seconds to launch. When finished with OnCloud, in order to properly send the check-out flag back to Amion (so other admins may check out your schedule to edit) go to File / Exit. Wait about 10 seconds for the session to officially close. Then you may close the OnCloud browser tab.
  • OnCloud does not store . OnCloud does store online backups of published schedules to Amion.

Send feedback about OnCloud to support@amion.com.

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