Backup Files, Online & Local

Online Backups

Amion automatically creates and stores an online backup of your schedule each time you publish, once per day, going back 28 days.

To access online backups:

  1. Open the schedule in OnCall or OnCloud.
  2. Go to the File menu and at the bottom, choose Open from Backup folder.
  3. In the Open window, ignore any files listed above. At the bottom, click Open from Amion in the lower-right corner. A backup window appears with a list of available online backups from Amion. The most recent files are at the bottom.
  4. Click the blue hyperlink date to retrieve and review a backup.
  5. When you find the most recent backup that has the missing information, publish the backup file to Amion.
  6. If using OnCall, go to File / Open / Open from Amion so that OnCall retrieves the latest published schedule the next time you open OnCall end not the backup file

Local Backups

The OnCall desktop app also stores local backups on your computer. If the app or your computer shuts down before you save or publish, a local automatic backup should recover most of your work.

Amion keeps intra-day, daily and monthly backups:

Go to File / Open from Backup folder and look for files that start with backup_. File names include the schedule password so that people who work on multiple schedules will have backups for each account they manage.

OnCall makes an intraday backup every time you make 15 or 20 changes to the schedule.

Prior Year Schedules

You can access schedule files from prior years by logging into using your admin password. In the upper right of your Amion Administrator page, click the backup icon for the year you desire from the backup toolbar:

Choose to Save File to your desktop or another easy-to-find folder. Give it a name that ends in .sch. Open the OnCall software and go toFile / Open. Navigate to your desktop (or wherever you saved the backup) and select the appropriate file.


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