Time Zones & Online Schedules

If you are having problems with times and days being incorrect in your online schedule, your computer may be set up incorrectly. When you publish a schedule to Amion, OnCall inserts information about the time zone in which you're located. It draws the time zone from the computer on which your OnCall schedule was last edited and published.

If times are not showing up correctly at Amion, or the "today" flag in your online schedule takes you to the wrong day, it is because your clock will be set to some time zone that places it somewhere else in the world.

Times in the continental U.S. are generally GMT minus 4 to 7 hours. If your time zone places you outside the U.S., the amion server uses the European date format, DD/MM instead of what we're used to in the U.S., MM/DD.

To correct any problems with dates and times, go to the Windows taskbar and right click on the clock on the right edge of the taskbar. Choose "Adjust Date/Time". Select the Time Zone tab. Set it to your time zone and republish your schedule to the web.

If you are not the scheduler but one of the docs downloading a schedule to a PDA and find that assignments are landing on the wrong days or at the wrong times when the web site is correct, you will need to check the time-zone setting on your own computer. We've noticed that this is most common with residents who start their intern year and move across time zones from med school to residency and fail to reset the time zone.

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