Error Registering File Extensions

After downloading and installing the Amion Scheduler software you may get an error message saying:

"An error was detected while registering the file extensions(s)"

Your IT department has your computer configured with a security setting that locks the Windows registry. The warning you're getting is the install program saying that it can't tell Windows to open ".sch" files with the Scheduler.

The software will run just fine. The only thing you won't be able to do is go to a folder that has your schedule file in it and double-click to open the file. When you do that, Windows looks at the name of the file and scans the system registry to see what application to use to open a file with, in this case, a ".sch" extension. You'll get a message saying that Windows doesn't know how to open the file. Or, if your hospital has Microsoft Schedule, you'll get an error from that application because it won't know how to open an Amion schedule file.

Set up a desktop shortcut to the OnCall software itself and double click on that whenever you want to work on a schedule. If you need to open a different schedule file, go to the File menu and either pick it from your recent-file list or choose Open and find the file through the Open dialog.

You can restore the .sch file to the Amion scheduler. Right click on the schedule file and choose "Open With" and then "Other Programs". This will bring up a list of programs. Scroll down and chose "OnCall". Be sure to check the box that says "Always use the selected program to open this type of file".

When you click "ok" you should see your icons have been restored as Amion icons, and the schedule file will now open in the Amion scheduler.

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