Missing Schedule Data

In the words of Douglas Adams and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "Don't Panic!"  ...  Amion keeps 28 days of backups and we should be able to recover your missing data.

There are two common reasons that can lead to lost schedule data. Someone published an older schedule to Amion. Or someone worked on the schedule with an older version of OnCall while others have been using a much more recent version.

If you lost entire rows of the call schedule, the problem is probably due to an older version of OnCall. If you lost an entire month or recent changes but the rest of the call or shift schedule is still intact, it's likely that someone published an old copy of the schedule over the latest one.

Follow these steps to check the date on your software and retrieve a backup and prevent further losses.

1. Go to Help / About OnCall in the OnCall program. If the program is more than a year old,  click Update to download and install the latest version. If unable to update follow these to install a new copy.

2. Check the build date again. If OnCall didn't update, try installing OnCall direct from the download page. Be sure that the OnCall application is NOT OPEN when you update from the download page. You will need the extract password that came with your renewal confirmation.

3. If you get warnings:"Extraction completed with 1 warning" (or 34 warnings), it means you either don't have permission to save files to the folder where you're installing OnCall or you have OnCall open. From there you have two options: call your IT department and get temporary permission to install and/or update software. Or install to a different folder, for example C:\OnCall2013\OnCall.exe

4. Pull up a backup. In the OnCall program, go to File / Open from backup folder. Ignore the local backup option ("backup_", ...), and click Open from amion in the lower right. You get a list of available backups and you can go through them one by one. Starting with the most recent ones at the bottom. When you find a backup that has the information you want, publish to Amion to overwrite the faulty schedule. If none of the backups prove helpful,  for additional assistance.

Working from different computers
If you have more than one scheduler or if you work from different computers, it's best to open the schedule from Amion. Go to File / Open and click "Open from Amion" in the lower right. That way you will always add to the most up-to-date copy of the schedule.

Go to your online schedule at Amion and look beneath the schedule for a time and date stamp. To the right in orange text you'll see the name of the person who last updated the schedule. If you believe they are not aware of how to best manage sharing a schedule, send them to our sharing scheduling help topic to learn how to share schedules.


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