Show Active Shifts

Amion enterprise site administrators can trim down the length of their central on-call list by switching on an option to show only active shifts.

Log in with your master admin password. Click the blue bullet icon  in the upper right to go to the software-options page.

Under Online Display Options turn on the option to Show only active shifts in Who's on list. The central on-call list will not include any shift that has ended or has yet to begin. You'll see only blue and red shifts and none of the gray ones.

On the main toolbar in the central list, the Show all shifts icon  will bring back all the shifts on screen for anyone who wants to view the entire list.

If a switchboard operator goes to add a note or signout staff, all shifts will appear for the department so that notes can be added to shifts that are not currently active.

All shifts will also appear after doing a search for a name.


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