Schedule Backups

Amion offers the ability for admins to receive automated schedule backups via email, ensuring continuity and instant offline access. In order to activate the Amion backup system, an admin user must request to opt in.


Once activated, a twice-daily email containing the day's full service call schedule, service names, assigned staff, and contact information will be delivered in HTML format to the scheduler. The schedule corresponds to the “Who’s On Day” All Services format that is seen on Scheduler’s will receive an email at 8:30AM and 3:30PM EST every day with shifts that cover yesterday and today’s scheduled shifts, to help account for day and overnight shifts. 


It is important to note that all single-license group admin will be opted into receiving schedule backups. For Enterprise accounts, only the Enterprise admin will be opted-in to receive the Enterprise-level daily backup schedule and is responsible for distributing the backup email to their individual admin within the umbrella of the enterprise.


If you’d like to activate this feature for your schedule, contact



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