Amion Account Set-Up with SSO


Amion account access will depend on whether you are an internal or external user.

  • Internal users are defined as employees/users with credentials (i.e. username and password) issued by that institution. For example, Dr Joe Smith will have an user and email that is owned and managed by Hospital's IT department.
  • External users are defined as affiliated users who are generally not employed by the institutions, but permitted to access IT resources on a limited basis without requiring credentials issued by that secondary institution. Examples includes users at external call centers, community clinics, or residents at sister institutions. Dr Jane Smith works for Hospital B, but needs access to Hospital A's Amion schedule despite not being employed there. 

I've never logged in before, what should I do?

  • Internal users - please follow this tipsheet to access schedules owned by the institution you work at. 
  • External users - please follow this tipsheet to access schedules that are not owned by your group, but that you need access to.

I just logged in, but I'm seeing this error. 


  • Internal users - please reach out to your institution's help desk and ask them to add your user account to the Amion application. Additional details can be copied from the error message itself (find "Copy info to Clipboard") and paste into your support ticket. Please note this can only be resolved by your institution's help desk. Amion support team is not able to help in this situation.
  • External Users -  external users have to be approved for access by that institution's schedule owner. Please contact our support team at and include your name, organization, schedule access code and your relationship to the institution that owns the schedule. 

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