Welcome to Amion Academy

Great news! You now have access to training through Amion Academy, the learning platform designed to deliver on-demand training to support and equip you as you build and view schedules in Amion.


Key Features of Amion Academy

  • On-Demand Learning Pathways: Dive into our comprehensive Learning Pathways such as "Creating a New Provider Schedule" to better understand our schedule building tools 

    • Additional Learning Pathways for Amion Residency Scheduling & Advanced Amion Features are coming soon. 

  • Customized Learning: Choose specific modules that align with your needs and expertise, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

  • Video Modules: Enjoy a dynamic learning experience with engaging video modules that simplify complex concepts.


Get Started with Amion Academy

To access Amion Academy, follow these quick steps:

  1. Visit Amion Academy at https://academy.amion.com or from the link on your Amion profile page.

  2. Choose a Learning Pathway for a complete course, or browse the Catalog page for short modules.

  3. Sign in with your Amion/Doximity account (or create one!) to track your progress.


If anything else is needed, please let us know. 

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