Pick up open shifts

Let your staff schedule themselves into open shifts at Amion.com. But first, enable your schedule for shift trading if you haven't already.

Pick up any open shifts

To allow your staff to pick up any open shift, go to File / Preferences / Amion Options, and check the box Pick up open shifts. All open shifts will be available to pick up in the online swap pool.

Pick up specific open shifts

If you want your staff to pick up specific open shifts:

  1. Go to the File menu and select General Setup / Staff. Add a new staff person named Open. Exit General Setup.
  2. Click the Work Preference,  icon on the main toolbar. Select "Open" in the Infobox window. Right-click on the little person,  icon. Select Make all 'Open' shifts available for giveaway.
  3. Go to your schedule page. Schedule "Open" into the open shifts you want available to your staff. Publish to Amion to save changes.

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