Shift Trade Setup - Instructions for Schedulers

You may build a schedule, but staff often request additional changes. Instead of making the changes yourself, let your staff trade shifts online. Allowing swaps also keeps your Amion schedule current even after-hours.

Click here to learn how to set up shift trades.

Enable swap shifts

  1. Amion uses email to negotiate trades between staff. In OnCall, check that you have email addresses entered for your staff. If not, learn to enter email addresses.
  2. Go to File / Preferences / Amion Trades. Check the box to Swap shifts online. Once enabled, additional swap shift preferences appear. Check any that apply for your group. Note: As of July 18, 2017, you may enable admin approval for trades in the attending platform only. If you do not see this option in your swap preferences, update OnCall. Or, it means your schedule is set up in the resident platform.

    If you select the preference to pick up open shifts, any open shift in the schedule will automatically appear in the swap trade pool at Amion. Learn more about picking up open shifts.

    Selecting the preference to email staff only means that you, the administrator, will not receive swap email notifications when they occur.

  3. Also in Preferences / Amion Options, check use 'no reply' return for email the server sends to staff. This ensures the messages will not flag as spam. Click OK to save the preferences and close window.
  4. Enable Flag switches to track the swapped shift changes. On your schedule page, click on a date cell. In the Infobox.. window, check the box Flag switches.
  5. If additional admins/health professional staff, other than you, need swap notifications, enable email schedule-change notifications. Learn to setup email notifications under the Automatic notification section.
  6. Publish your schedule to Amion to save changes. Your Amion schedule online will display a new swap shift  icon in the toolbar.

Staff can click the same icon above the online schedule, and prompt the site to email them a personal password and login link for easy access to their swap options.


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